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Ugo Sun Tent

這是海灘必備帳篷,輕鬆扭轉打開就即時得到SPF 50+ 防曬私人空間。

Let’s go to the beach! Twist open a world of sun-safe imagination with the GetGo Ugo Sun Tent with SPF 50+ protection


  • 抗紫外線的聚酯在陽光下更安全
  • 可扭動頂端即時組裝和包裝
  • 增添了色彩的流行
  • 擁有一個可分隔沙灘的地板
  • 條紋地板可作為一個時尚野餐毯
  • 包括一個附有把手的攜帶包
  • 擁有兩個可折疊的窗口
  • 適合所有家庭
  • 經測試附合兒童安全標準


  • UV resistant polyester for safer fun in the sun
  • Twist up and Twist down for instant assembly and packing
  • Adds a pop of colour to playtime
  • Features a detachable floor for building sandcastles in the shade
  • Striped floor doubles up as a stylish picnic blanket
  • Includes a convenient carry bag with handle
  • Two windows created from fold down flaps
  • Suitable for all the family
  • Tested to the highest of child safety standards

Ugo Penguin/ Owl / Bee Play Tent

Ready for a hoot? Itching to play? Twist open a world of imagination fast with the GetGo Owl Ugo Play Tent.


  • 可扭動頂端即時組裝和包裝
  • 企鵝/ 貓頭鷹/ 蜜蜂的設計
  • 包括一個附有把手的攜帶包
  • 擁有兩個可折疊的窗口
  • 適合2歲以上兒童


  • Twist up and twist down for simple assembly and packing
  • Unleashes fun in an instant
  • Owl design is bursting with character
  • Includes a convenient carry bag with handle
  • Two windows created from fold down flaps
  • Suitable for children aged 2+
  • Tested to the highest of child safety standards

Disney Cartoon Wall Stickers / 廸士尼卡通貼紙學習掛衣勾

Disney Cartoon stickers help boost the fun factor in his room in a flash.
Each sticker pack comes with 30 individual stickers and 2 clothes hooks that can be arranged on the wall to create a scene that tells a story with his favourite character he will love to use to personalise his bedroom.
Whether he’s choosing his favourite cartoon t-shirt to wear for pre-school, or just an outfit ready for pre-school, the hooks can be used to encourage independence and routine by having clothes chosen and ready to put on for him the next morning.


  • 款式分別有:Minnie Mouse / 迪斯尼公主/飛機總動員/反斗車王
  • 30張卡通貼紙和2個牆鉤
  • 2件衣服或配件掛鉤可用於鼓勵早上穿衣服
  • 透過簡單的貼圖創意設計,大大提高事情的樂趣
  • 一個容易和低成本有效的方法令她的生活增添一個美好的改變
  • 高品質和專業的乙烯基材料能持久貼在牆上;如有需要,能直接撕下
  • 所需最小空間:高 20厘米 x 闊 72厘米


  • Style Including: Minnie Mouse / Disney Princess / Planes / Cars
  • A collection of 30 vinyl stickers and 2 wall hooks that create a cool wall scene
  • 2 clothes hooks can be used to encourage getting dressed in the morning
  • Boost up the fun factor fast with easy application stickers
  • Expansive art vinyls – an easy and cost effective way to make a big difference that he will love
  • High quality, specialist vinyl material is long lasting and straight forward to remove if required
  • Minimum Space required: H 20cm x W 72cm



Skoot® Ride on suitcase – the brilliant ride – with your stuff inside.

Skoot® is a fun steerable ride on and a children’s suitcase for mini-fashionistas, kids luggage that makes travelling fun for kids and easier for parents. With practical rubber wheels and a handle bar for steering, this sturdy ride on is perfect for everyday use, little ones can zoom around on their vintage motor to and from school, to friends, holidays or just around the house.

Ideal for weekends away or travelling abroad, this children’s luggage fits in a planes over-head locker and features a robust tow strap that doubles as a carry strap making it easy to throw over your shoulder when your children get tired of pulling it themselves.

The Skoot® stores up to 13l so more than enough room for a weekend away with clothes, and much loved teddy and kids will love having a special storage space all of their own to ride or pull along!


  • 將玩具車及行李箱二合為一,既可騎乘玩樂,又可拉動或肩背攜帶
  • 容量特大,最大承重約50公斤
  • 內有彈性固定行李帶,妥當存放衣物及玩具
  • 橡膠輪胎堅固順暢,塑膠行李箱輕巧耐用
  • 可拆卸式玩具車把手和拉帶,方便靈活
  • 設有坐墊,騎乘時保持舒適
  • 可攜帶到飛機上,搶眼型格
  • 通過歐盟玩具標準EN71認證


  • 適合年齡: 3~6 歲
  • 行李箱尺寸:46*36*21 cm
  • 行李箱重量:3.1 公斤
  • 最大承重量:50公斤


  • Skoot® Ride on suitcase – the brilliant ride – with your stuff inside
  • 2 in 1 retro styled ride on with handy internal luggage compartment
  • Full steering column makes it easy for kids to steer,
  • easy for parents to tow, and with a handy carry strap, easy to carry
  • Also fits into overhead lockers in aircraft
  • Sturdy, chunky rubber wheels also ensure smooth riding!
  • Suitable from 3 years

Go Go Pogo

Go Go Pogo是一個有益於身體及大腦的一個彈跳棍。它能提高反射,健身,敏捷性和協調性。擁有5個互動遊戲,包括速度測試,彈跳及計數,有趣的聲音及音樂雕像。Go Go Pogo有助於發展計數,記憶力,聲音識別,音樂及節奏。

It’s time to pogo a-gogo. Bounce your way to active fun with this electronic pogo stick. Can you keep up? Can you bounce to a thousand? He’ll be leaping into action in no time, as you sit back and smile. The smarter way to active play, the super-sturdy pogo stick comes with five games to keep his brain bouncing along too. Fuss-free, fun and safe. It must be GetGo.


  • 提供了五種不同的遊戲模式以協助技能發展
  • 發展平衡,敏捷性,協調性,反應能力,速度,肌肉力量
  • 助聽覺理解,節奏和計數技巧
  • 織紋把手,容易緊握手柄
  • 寬闊的防滑腳踏板及堅固的橡膠球,十分安全
  • 包裹金屬彈簧以增加安全性
  • 可自動關閉


  • 適合年齡:5~12歲
  • 尺寸:36 x 8.7 x 9.4 吋
  • 重量:5.3磅
  • 承重量:110磅
  • 電池:3AA電池 (不包括在內)


Silly Sounds: random silly sounds when bouncing
Bounce & Count: counts up to 1000 bounces. Can you keep up?
Musical Statues: bounce along with the music, stay still when it stops. How long will you last?
Speed Trial: how many bounces can you do in 10, 20 or 30 seconds?
Rhythm Bounce: bounce faster / slower in time with the music?
On your marks, get ready to test your balance and bounce to your heart’s content!